Aloha Shopper

ShiptoHawaii-AlohaShopper has paved the way by providing shipping options to members.  ShiptoHawaii-AlohaShopper is great for members who purchase items over the internet from vendors who do not ship to Hawaii.

ShiptoHawaii-AlohaShopper has created a seamless purchasing experience.  Simply provide us with the specific item that you would want to purchase and we will send you a quote for your purchase.

Your quote will include the cost of your product, handling and shipping charges all the way to Hawaii.  We are able to provide this service if you reside in Honolulu, or the neighbor islands.

We are able to quote you on anything that you find on the internet.  There are some exceptions due to transportation restrictions.

ShiptoHawaii-AlohaShopper is the next step in customer service experience for residents of Hawaii.  We remove the stress and frustration out of your purchase process.

You Find, We Quote, You Relax.  Simple.


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