Aloha Shopper

I think the Aloha Shopper spree is a great idea!  But I live on Kauai.  Can I purchase items listed and have it to be delivered to me in Lihue?
I apologize but we have limitations and we do not offer this service to the neighbor islands.

How do you select the items that are listed on each price list?
Many of the items selected to our featured list are from customer support responses, and by vendor's popular listing

What if I want to purchase a product that is listed on the vendor.s website but not your Aloha Shopper . Shopping spree price list?
Unfortunately, we have limitations that prevent us to provide products that are not listed.  We work with each vendor to determine the featured items listed on our price list which includes the shipping and handling fees for our Honolulu customers.

How do I return products that I had purchase from Aloha Shopper - Shopping spree?
Please notify our customer service team as soon as possible for any product defects.  We will do our best to supply a replacement product this is covered under warranty.

Are the prices listed on Aloha Shopper - Shopping spree price list better than if I had purchased directly from the vendor.s website?
The prices listed are including shipping and handling to Honolulu.  Many of the items listed are from vendors who do not ship to Hawaii

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